Lectureship in Saarbrücken at the University of the Saarland

From the summer semester 2007 to the winter semester 2010/2011, I have a teaching assignment at Saarland University in the Psychology Department of the Faculty of Empirical Human Sciences every semester. Until the summer semester 2009 Prof. Dr. Rainer Krause was the chair holder, after his retirement Prof. Dr. Tanja Michael took over the chair for clinical psychology and psychotherapy on October 1, 2009.

I am responsible for a so-called "psychoanalytically oriented case group", in which four to five students in their main studies are introduced to the practical handling of patients in an intensive group work. The course is designed with four semester hours per week and includes initial interviews with real patients.

In this practical work, the students learn various central skills for their future work with patients:

  • Professional design of a first interview with patients
  • Development of a basic psychoanalytic attitude
  • Methodical approach to unconscious processes
  • Perceiving and interpreting the emotions of the patient and oneself
  • Systematic recording of the relevant symptoms of a patient
  • Assessment of treatment motivation and prognosis

For the students it is usually the first actual encounter with a patient seeking help in their entire studies. I prepare this encounter systematically in order to ensure the greatest possible degree of safety for both the patient and the student.

For me it is very important that the students practice "psycho-logic", an unusual form of thinking. This psycho-logic is difficult to learn, but it is of central importance to master the challenges of being a psychologist.

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