Marketing Consultancy

I am one of the two co-founders and managing partners of ProSpector® Qualitative Marketingberatung

ProSpector is a market research institute that works on a qualitative psychological basis and has offices in Saarbrücken and Frankfurt am Main. Our concepts have been in demand since 1995 in Germany and Europe. Using a depth-psychological approach oriented towards the methods of Morphological Psychology, we work to customer order in various topic areas:

  • conceptual design of depth-psychological customer surveys
  • psychoanalytically oriented image and pattern analyses
  • acquisition of unconscious motives of use and depth-psychologically defined target group analyses
  • communication analysis and consultation focusing on preconscious and unconscious processes
  • advertising effectiveness tests and advertising success studies
  • analysis and optimization of product and communication concepts
  • holding of marketing and sales workshops

If you would like to know more about ProSpector and how we work then please contact me. 


    +49 / 681 / 338 - 86


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